EC2 provider configurationΒΆ

The EC2 provider accepts a number of configuration options, that can be specified in the environments.yaml file under an ec2 provider section.

The AWS access key to utilize for calls to the AWS APIs.
The AWS secret key to utilize for calls to the AWS APIs.
The EC2 api endpoint URI, by default points to
The EC2 region, by default points to us-east-1. If ‘ec2-uri’ is specified, it will take precedence.
The S3 api endpoint URI, by default points to
An S3 bucket unique to the environment, where some runtime metadata and formulas are stored.
Allow a ensemble bzr branch to be utilized for all machines within an environment.
The instance type to be used for machines launched within the ensemble environment.
The default amazon machine image to utilize for machines in the ensemble environment. If not specified the default image id varies by region.

Additional configuration options, not specific to EC2:

The path to a public key to place onto launched machines. If no value is provided for either this or authorized-keys then a search is made for some default public keys “”, “”, “”. If none of those exist, then a LookupError error is raised when launching a machine.
The full content of a public key to utilize on launched machines.

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