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Where does the name Ensemble come from?

The word ensemble could be defined as “an assemblage of parts or details (as in a work of art) considered as forming a whole”. Ensemble assembles machines and software components and manages them as a whole, providing service deployment and management, hence the name.

Why is Ensemble useful?

Ensemble is a next generation service deployment and orchestration framework. It has been likened to APT for the cloud. With Ensemble, different authors are able to create service formulas independently, and make those services coordinate their communication through a simple protocol. Users can then take the product of different authors and very comfortably deploy those services in an environment. The result is multiple machines and components transparently collaborating towards providing the requested service. Read more About Ensemble

When will it be ready for production?

As of Ubuntu Natty 11.04, Ensemble is a technology preview. It is not yet ready to be used in production. However, adventurous users are encouraged to evaluate it, study it, start writing formulas for it or start hacking on Ensemble internals. The rough roadmap is to have Ensemble packaged for Universe by 11.10 release and perhaps in main by 12.04

What language is Ensemble developed in?

Ensemble itself is developed using python. However, writing formulas for Ensemble can be done in any language. All Ensemble cares about is finding a set of executable files, which it will trigger appropriately.

How can I contact the Ensemble team?

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Where can I find out more about Ensemble?

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