Resolving errorsΒΆ

Ensemble internally tracks the state of units and their relations. It moves them through a simple state machine to ensure the correct sequencing of hooks and associated unit agent behavior. Typically this means that all hooks are executed as part of a workflow transition.

If a hook fails, then ensemble notes this failure, and transitions either the unit or the unit relation (depending on the hook) to a failure state.

If a hook for a unit relation fails, only that unit relation is considered to be in an error state, the unit and other relations of the unit continue to operate normally.

If a hook for the unit fails (install, start, stop, etc), the unit is considered not running, and its unit relations will stop responding to changes.

As a means to recover from hook errors, ensemble offers the ensemble resolved command.

This command will operate on either a unit or unit relation and schedules a transition from the error state back to its original destination state. For example given a unit mysql/0 whose start hook had failed, and the following command line:

$ ensemble resolved mysql/0

After being resolved the unit would be in the started state. It important to note that by default ensemble resolved does not fire hooks and the start hook would not be invoked again as a result of the above.

If a unit’s relation-change/joined/departed hook had failed, then ensemble resolved can also be utilized to resolve the error on the unit relation:

$ ensemble resolved mysql/0 db

This would re-enable change watching, and hook execution for the db relation after a hook failure.

It’s expected that an admin will typically have a look at the system to determine or correct the issue before using this command line. ensemble resolved is meant primarily as a mechanism to remove the error block after correction of the original issue.

However ensemble resolved can optionally re-invoke the failed hook. This feature is particular beneficial during formula development, when iterating over an in development hook. Assuming a mysql unit with with a start hook error upon executing the following command:

$ ensemble resolved --retry mysql/0

Ensemble will examine the mysql/0 unit, and will re-execute its start hook before marking it as running. If the start hook fails again, then the unit will remain in the same state.

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